Jennifer Isaksen, Esq.  

Are you wondering if your business is operating in COMPLIANCE with the law? 

Do you have a Non-Profit with 501(c)(3) tax exemption? 

Do you have your Accounting Practices and Accounting Codes fully documented?

Are you capturing data in a way that you can run effective financial reports?

Are your business operations EFFICIENT?
Call Jennifer for assistance with Compliance, Documentation, Data and Financial Report Review or to Review your Business Processes.

If you are a Private Lender or you hold a money Judgment, Jennifer can assist you through the foreclosure and collections process.  Jennifer takes time to assess your goals and works together with you and the debtor to explore all avenues of possible resolution. 

If you have questions about Foreclosure or Collections and want to explore your options, call Jennifer for a FREE Consultation. 


& Consulting

Real Estate

Proper Estate Planning can help minimize or eliminate the need for legal proceedings upon death and allows for family members to focus on the grieving process instead of legal affairs. 

If you have a life change, such as Marriage, Divorce, Birth of a Child or Death in the family, Jennifer can help guide you through the process and educate you as to the best choices you have available.


& Collections

If you are BUYING or SELLING a home, you probably have QUESTIONS.

I have a buyer for my home….How do I draft a Contract?

What does my Contract mean?

I don’t like the condition of the home… Can I back out?

What are my closing costs?

Jennifer offers assistance at any level…from a simple Consultation to answer your questions to Closing. 

Call Jennifer to help.

Practice Areas

Wills, Trusts

& Probate